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Netflix almost free
October 11, 2019
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Netflix almost free

Until recently if you turned on the TV and nothing tickled your fancy the most you could do was channel hop. Then arrived TV on demand, and things changed drastically, with an unlimited offer of films and tv shows to watch at whatever time. Now we have a different problem: what to watch?

You’ve asked your friends for recommendations and they suggested Stranger Things, Thirteen Reasons Why, Narcos, Orange is the New Black and The Crown? These are only some of the most popular titles of 2019 on Netflix, the on demand video streaming service with the most clients worldwide that offers hundreds of films, TV shows, documentaries and cartoons. Netflix’s collection develops even further in 2020 with new creations.


Netflix is available wherever and whenever you turn on your computer, smartphone, tablet, game console, Smart TV. If you’re a new user, Netflix offers the possibility of a month free to enjoy the service and have unlimited access to all the titles in their catalogue. Without having to sign up and without any obligation, after enjoying the trial month you can decide whether or not to subscribe to the service.

Choose the subscription plan that you prefer

To activate the free trial you just have to go on the website and click on ‘Unlimited movies, TV shows, and more. Try it now’. There are three different subscription plans to choose from:

  • Basic (£5.99 a month): allows you to watch in standard quality, with access only from one device

  • Standard (£8.99 a month): films and shows are in Full HD and allows up to two devices simultaneously

  • Premium (£11.99 a month): films and shows are in Ultra HD and allows up to four devices simultaneously

The service is tempting but the price puts you off?

There is a solution that allows you to use Netflix almost for free – you can reduce the cost by up to 75%: split the subscription with people in your house!

It involves halving, if not even dividing by four, the cost of the subscription. Netflix, with its two multi account subscription plans (the Standard and the Premium) respectively allow viewing on 2 or 4 different devices simultaneously and therefore allows you to split the cost by the number of people using the service.

And we’re sure you would do it too, if only you had the time and energy to collect memberships and percentages every month. This is where Together Price steps in, which allows you to split the monthly subscription costs in a safe and simple way.

How to share Netflix through Together Price?

You can use Together Price in two ways: you can make your subscription available to share, or you can join the subscription signed up for by another user.

You just have to sign up for free to the platform and create a sharing proposal, choosing the premade model of the multi account plan ‘Netflix Premium’, the most convenient to share, with the price already set up with the official price, £11.99, and set up the number of available slots, for example 3.

The sharing proposal, once created, gets published to the Network, the Together Price community, where it is visible and can be searched for by other users. If you become Admin, you can use Together Price for free: you receive payment from your participants (£3 per person) in your wallet, the virtual wallet of Together Price and, after 25 days, you’ll be able to transfer the accumulated balance to your account or card with IBAN.

Netflix group admin

To participate instead, you simply have to send a request to the admin and once you’re accepted to the group, you’ll be able to send the sum of £3 to your admin, to which gets added 83 p as a commission fee to Together Price for the management of the bank transaction and sharing. Together Price will handle the renewals of the quotas month by month.

Sharing doesn’t have to be a permanent contract: you can decide to leave the shared subscription at any moment simply by not renewing your participation sum.

In this way, Together Price becomes the reference point for sharing the cost of Netflix, in a safe and simple way and above all eliminating the embarrassment of having to ask for people’s payment every month.

What are you waiting for? Start a shared Netflix subscription and pay only £3



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