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Is Hulu Free With Xfinity?

June 04, 2023
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Is Hulu Free With Xfinity?

Xfinity Flex is a feature only available for Comcast Xfinity internet customers. It is a streaming service similar to Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Ultra, with 4K playback and its own Xfinity voice remote for effortless streaming.

If you don’t have or don’t want yet another monthly cost in your budget, there is still a way to get Hulu at a fraction of the cost with Together Price, the sharing app that lets you save up to 50% on your Hulu subscription.

What can I download on my Xfinity Flex?

Xfinity Flex will allow you to download the Hulu app, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, HBO Max and many more apps. You can connect it up to your TV using an HDMI port.

Hulu+ Live TV joins Xfinity Flex

Comcast Xfinity Flex users can now enjoy Hulu + Live TV without having access to Comcast cable, a great addition for customers to feel more connected to the world of Live TV.

Rebecca Heap, Senior Vice President of Video and Entertainment at Comcast Cable, stated: “The addition of Hulu + Live TV on Flex adds tremendous value for our Xfinity Internet customers, giving them access to more of their streaming content and subscriptions alongside a growing catalog of free programming – all seamlessly integrated into one voice-enabled and easy-to-navigate experience.”

How much is Hulu?

Hulu Basic plans and prices

While the Hulu app is technically free to download, unfortunately, you can’t get the Hulu streaming services for free on Xfinity Flex.

Here are the plans that are currently available to let you access Hulu content:

- Hulu with ads: $7.99/month;

- Hulu, ad-free: $14.99/month;

- Hulu+ Live TV, with Disney+ and ESPN - $69.99/month;

- Hulu+ Live TV, with Disney+ and ESPN (no ads) - $82.99/month;

- Disney+, Hulu, ESPN bundle - $19.99/month.

Current Hulu + Live TV subscribers can enjoy their service on Flex’s existing Hulu app by saying “Hulu” into their Voice Remote.

Have you ever thought of sharing your subscription costs?

Yes, that can become a messy business, of course. Finding people to share with, chasing them for their money, keeping tabs on payments. It’s all so time and energy-consuming.

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Together Price

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Become an Admin

You can use Together Price as an ADMIN if you have a subscription with free slots. That way you can share it with others and save money. Follow the steps below:

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Summing Up

So now, along with services like Sling Tv or Xfinity Stream, you can get Hulu + Live Tv for all Flex customers.

Plus, you also know how to save on your digital subscription costs with Together Price!

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