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How much is a Netflix subscription?

October 11, 2019
4 min
How much is a Netflix subscription?

Are you looking for a way to cut down the cost of Netflix? You’re in the right place!

Finally, you’ll be able to say goodbye to alternative methods of sharing a streaming service.

Did you know that if you share the subscription cost in a group you could save up to 75%? We’re the best to help you do it, in a safe and simple way, just keep reading to have a practical, step by step guide on how to save!

Netflix is by far the most famous streaming service. Unlike any other streaming service, Netflix subscription still offers a DVD delivery service. Yes! DVD delivery service to add childhood nostalgia. You can still get Netflix’s DVD service or both HD quality DVD and blu ray discs service.

The Netflix cost might be more than other streaming services, yet the standard definition of a streaming service is the Netflix subscription.

It also offers fewer screens than others (up to four screens). But yet their content is always on top. You can even download shows offline.

By now the Netflix app plays a role in all our lives, and we are all guilty of binge-watching an entire TV series in 24 hours without stopping: Narcos, The Crown, Stranger Things, Thirteen Reasons Why, Sense8, Money Heist, of which we await the release of the 3rd season with just the basic plan!

Netflix is surely ahead of the game than other streaming services. That is due to the vast library Netflix offers.

Netflix Premium costs $19.99 a month and offers a subscription plan for 4 accounts who can watch different things simultaneously. Intelligent people, like you, who have a subscription have started to divide the cost by 4 to save money.

How to save on your Netflix subscription cost

If until now you have used a calculator to calculate the payments, the Netflix Premium subscription costs $19.99 a month and it can be divided between 4 users

Doing a quick calculation we can work out that each person will pay only $4.99. Have you already worked out how much you will save in a year on just one streaming service?

We’ll tell you straight away, if you get the Basic Netflix subscription for $9.99 a month, the cheapest, you spend around $120 a year! If instead you share the cost of Netflix Premium in a group you’ll only spend $60 a year and you’ll also have it in Ultra HD on up to four simultaneous streams.

It’s only taken you a few lines to work out how to save $60 a year and have the best of Netflix! Isn’t that fantastic?

But let’s continue, are you one of those people who until recently used a piggy bank to collect your groups payment?

Well, from today you’ll no longer have to do all the dirty work yourself, instead, Together Price will take care of it!

Together Price

Together Price

With one platform Together Price allows you to create your group, communicate with everyone thanks to the internal chat, and collect monthly payments automatically.

So, if you want to watch Netflix, using the Premium plan, you will save a lot on the original price and download their shows to watch them anywhere!

Now, with a good internet connection and the Netflix plan of your desire, you can stream Netflix and all the original content it has!

Together Price is also free and legal, so you will not be getting in trouble with the law for sharing your Netflix account or using someone else’s Netflix account.

Together Price ensures that your passwords and credentials are safe within their site. So don’t fret about someone stealing your Netflix login password.

Together Price offers you the best protection, free site, and instant money back if you are not satisfied with your first month. So, watch Netflix in your free time without worrying!

How Together Price works:

If you already have a Netflix Premium subscription you can make the free spaces you don’t need available. If you have a Netflix Basic or Standard subscription we advise you to upgrade to Premium for $19.99, which is the more expensive plan, but also the more convenient if you choose to share it.

Become an Admin

If you become ADMIN, and you make your subscription available, you get many benefits. First of all you use Together Price for free, so the money you receive each month.

You also save time and energy not having to worry about chasing people about the money they owe.

Furthermore you have full control of the service, and you can increase your level of ‘trust’, the ranking system that measures your level of trustworthiness. It is super simple to start sharing your subscription, you only need a few minutes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Sign up to Netflix Premium

  • Log into Together Price

  • Click on the button marked ‘Create Group

  • Select ‘Netflix

  • Finish creating the account by adding how many members you would like.

  • Accept requests. You can also invite your friends and family to share your Netflix account.

  • Receive money automatically. You don’t have to worry about late fees.

  • Enjoy Netflix at $4 a month!

Become a Joiner

If you don’t have Netflix plan, join a group.

  • Make an account on Together Price.

  • Search for the Netflix plan you want.

  • Ask to join.

  • Now, pay only a fraction of the actual price!

How to share Netflix on Together Price?

Easy, all you need is a Netflix Premium subscription (if you don’t have one, buy it here).

Once published, the shared subscription will be visible in the Together Price network.

The people living in your housing unit that are interested in sharing the use and cost of the subscription with you will send you a participation request that you will simply have to accept in order to allow them to send you their payment.

You can monitor the payments accumulated in real-time by checking the balance in your Wallet.

After 30 days of sharing, Together Price will take care of getting the payment from your participants and you won’t have to do anything other than make yourself comfortable and enjoy Netflix!

What are you waiting for?
Start a shared Netflix subscription and pay only $4 a month!