Together Price
Together Price

Learn to share your favorite subscriptions!

With Together Price you can share the cost of your favorite subscriptions: not only TV and streaming music, but also software, antivirus, gaming and much more! Together Price shows you which services you can share and how to do it correctly.




services that can be shared

I share legally and without worries!

“Before getting to know Together Price, I thought that sharing digital subscriptions was something complicated and I wasn't sure it could be done. Now I know sharing is possible and I know how it works. I discovered that I can use Together Price in two ways: as a group payment system for those subscriptions that can only be shared between family members or roommates and as a social network where you can find new trusted friends for those subscriptions that have no restrictions.


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household subscriptions

Amazon Prime Video: How Many Devices

January 20, 2022
5 min
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